Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yet More Blog Reactions/Reviews to Frogway

I enjoyed Frogway so much! It was really fun. I laughed so much, now I croak.
We had the front row seats. Really, really, really bloody close to the stage, okay.
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Last nite I went out to treat myself to a Frogway musical. A little damper at the first half of the nite and it had nothing to do with the musical. It was caused by 2 very rude girls who took our seats.
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Been meaning to write y'all about the re-premiering of this brilliant musical written by Michael Veerapen and Marcel Nunis , one a leading jazz musician in this region, the other a Malaysian residing and working in the USA as the Artistic Director of Theatre J'Nerique in USA, the program didn't mention which part of USA, sorry...
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I finally went to watch Frogway last night! I would have watched it much earlier if I could, but decided to wait for Airin as she wasn’t free on the other days.. Also, it was a full house screening! Luckily I went to buy the tickets the night before..
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Somewhere in the middle of this post is a reaction to Frogway
Of Socio, Singing Frogs and Stressful Moms.

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