Sunday, August 26, 2007

Views from the pit (band) other blogs with Frogway pics

HERE ... Julian Chan a member of the 2007 Frogway band writes about playing for the show.

HERE... are some from Tales From The Idol Fellowship


Read the review...
Every Frog Has Its Day by Amir Hafiz @ KAKISENI.COM.

Check out the "COMMENT" section of the event listing at KAKISENI.COM

Somewhere down in this post " Frogway is Toad-tally Fun" is a reaction to Frogway. Though there are some great food pics!

would say, definitely watch the show if you can afford the tickets. They're not cheap and I wouldn't have been able to afford to go (me being a broke 20-something) if the tickets hadn't been given to me by a friend. So I don't know if I found it brilliant BECAUSE I didn't have to pay?
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saw Frogway! courtesy of winning tickets from Kakiseni :)
lovely score
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